Everything was Created for YOU...

Once upon a time there was a boy who was very different from the rest. The stories that you are going to read are 100% True and are from his perspective. Some of the conclusions reached are obviously based on this person's understanding of the events and may or may not be accurate. Nonetheless the explanation of how things transpired the way they did is as detailed as can be. In some instances where an accurate description of what was happening will be prefaced with the fact that the author is speculating as to what is happening. In this way we hope to give the reader a better understanding of the events that have transpired as well as to hopefully have someone who perhaps has the other pieces of the puzzle.

Let's get on with the story.

This story started in the early 1970's in a rural part of Michigan, and it is my story. My first experiences started around the age of 4. While some might argue that a four year old would be hard pressed to remember anything, I can assure you that I did. I remember very vividly playing with my toys on the floor and looking around at everything with the thought that the entire world (not just my toys but my reality) was built for me. And when I say world I say it in a very Matrix like way. Everything that I saw, touched, and heard was a construct that someone had put together specifically for me. It was a very profound concept for a 4 year old to have and it's not something that I could have picked up anywhere. This type of thing wasn't on TV back then, there was no internet, and my family certainly didn't talk about such things. This also wasn't the selfish type of thought like a typical kid who says mine, mine, mine has. No this was something different.

It must have happened the night before. Now what actually transpired or how it happened I am not sure but I am sure that some sort of being, either some type of other-worldly being or intelligence, or perhaps a human playing that part told me and explained to me how 'They' put me here and how 'Everything' was made for me. I know there was a lot more that was told to me and I have the feeling that I was told all about what I would do throughout my life and how they would be there to 'Help'. I believe they even showed me what I was supposed to have been 'Before'. Literally it was a 'Once Upon a Time' you were this and now you are this and we put you here. This was created for you and we put you here.

Now if you have a Religious background your alarm bells are probably going off and if you have a more New Age background you are probably nodding your head in acknowledgement. Well I have been at both ends of the spectrum and I will say that the Truth is probably much stranger than what either groups would think. And I would say that both groups could learn from each other. Do not discount the others understanding of things. This is precisely what the aim of these two dichotomies are.

To the best of my knowledge what happened to me the night earlier would be my first experience with 'Other' Intelligences. This of course could have happened before I was 4 and could remember but if that was the case then I would say that the experience at 4 was the first 'Official' meeting. Now, at the time I was sitting there playing with my Weeble Wobbles thinking about all of this crazy stuff I didn't really remember what transpired the night before. All I knew was the end message of everything being for me. As far as who told me I can only say that it was a female being. She was very old, had brown leathery skin. I was not afraid of her and felt that I knew her somehow. I would later recall that she told me 'all about myself' by showing me some sort of progression in the stars that was me. I can't really explain it as it was a combination of non-verbal knowing and visuals. But this part was apparently wiped from my memory and I was left with the sense that I had something 'Great' to do and with the parting Matrix Reality thought.

Now I will try to refrain from labeling this as good or bad. I have gone back and forth throughout the years and I imagine I still will as new information comes to light. I will say that at the time it filled me with great wonderment and a sense of being humbleness that everything I saw had been made by someone. It was an amazing feeling and made me feel very special and loved. So let's look at this from the Traditional Religious Side and the New Age Side.

We pretty much just covered the Light and Love aspect of the New Age culture. This is the theme of 'We Are All One' and Everything is Peace Love and Light. Of course there are other intelligent beings out there who care for us and help us to progress here spiritually. Reincarnation is a common belief as we progress through the universe as an eternal soul reincarnating in different lives, as different beings, and on different worlds so that we may learn new lessons and work on more aspects of the 'Self'. This pretty much fits the theme.

Now on the Religious side there is also a theme. We know that there are Deceptive Beings who work with Satan and like to Deceive Mankind. By taking the role of Creators and Spirit Guides at an early age they can usurp the 'Word' of God later on. Anything in the Bible could be discounted because it what I experienced didn't fit the descriptions. But...Lucifer was a Being of Light and he has many followers. There are many types of lesser demons who serve him. Could this be one? They look to establish a new religion and to make mankind choose them of their own will to get even with God. Well a religion that Looks as All Creations as Parts of God (New Age) vs. there is only One God.  Many Lives, Everyone is God vs. One God, One Life. By showing me all this they could plant the seed early of the Many Lives Doctrine vs. The Word of God. Man this is tough. You can see why I've oscillated between the two for so long.

Now let's look at a couple other things. The Beings never said They Created Everything for me. I took this as what they meant back then but I was four. Later on I realized that what they Actually said was Everything was Created for Me AND They put me here. With this then it doesn't really violate anything in Western Religion. God could easily be the one that Created Everything. Them putting me there was in regards to what location? The Earth, my body, my family, or at the location they were sharing everything with me? I certainly understood it as 'They' had put me on the Earth for some purpose but I never got the impression They Created me. But once again I was four. They easily could've just been showing me about how God created the world for me (as he did for All People) and because I was 4 I though they meant me solely. And them telling me that they put me there could have just been at the location. I'm not sure. I do know They never said anything about being God or claimed to be gods to worship, or that they were working with God. I do think they showed me about my prior life but it also could have been about the live I was supposed to live.

I'll let you ponder that and remember Everything WAS Created for YOU! But WHO PUT YOU Here and WHAT are YOU SUPPOSED TO DO?


Alien child