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A Personal Account of Aliens, God, and Government

Nice Linguistics Aliens. Oh and Nice Movie Disney…Part 2

Ahhh Disney. What a fantastic company that has helped entertain so many of us in our youth and of course since they’ve acquired Star Wars they can now continue to entertain us for the rest of our lives. Now my intention in this discourse is not to be too much of a conspiracy theorist but I’ve got to be honest, the more I look at some of the more obscure connections between certain corporations, the intelligence agencies, the shadow government, and the entertainment industry, the more it seems pretty plausible that elements of each are set up to promote a much larger program.

Years ago I had a friend who lived and worked in Waco during the infamous Waco siege. He worked at a local company ( with some of the people who lived in the compound and when that whole thing went down he said he couldn’t believe how not only did the local media play along with painting these people as crazy but also how they actually had people undercover in town afterwards to act as locals to plant stories about how nuts Koresh was.

He had actually been to the compound before and had nothing but the nicest things to say about the people there. If you haven’t seen the documentary on what they did to those people then do yourself a favor and go watch it. It will make your stomach churn.

My point about bringing the whole Waco thing up is that the government straight up murdered those people on live TV and then used propaganda both before and after to cover it up and to create a story. My feeling is that this is the reason that media and entertainment exists. It’s sole purpose is to get us used to not only taking whatever is posted on the tube as Truth but to constantly bombard us with fantasy so we lose our own critical factor. But what happened in Waco is just the tip of a very large iceberg. 

Mickey Mind Control

If you recall I was ‘flying’ around the room with my sister in the middle of the night in our living room. We were playing a ‘game’ where if you ‘thought the right way’ then you would fly. Now, keep this in mind because around this time my Aunt and Uncle took me and my sister to a local drive-in to go see Peter Pan. Now the thing I remember about this movie isn’t the movie itself or the obvious similar theme of ‘Believing and You Can Fly’ when you are in Never Never Land. No, the thing I remember is that the moment the movie started I had to pee so badly that my Aunt had to take me to the bathroom. In fact, I had to pee every few minutes for the entire movie. It hurt and it felt like I had a bladder infection. Once the movie was over and we went home, I was fine.

Now if you know anything about kids who have been abused then you know that wetting their pants or wetting the beds can be a sign of that abuse. Or better yet the sign of a repressed memory. Now you might be thinking that the theme of Peter Pan triggered me but I remember I had to pee immediately as the movie started. Nothing even happened in the movie yet and I felt like my bladder was gonna burst.

So let’s look at the theme of flying in Peter Pan. When you think the right happy thoughts you are able to fly. Of course you need a little fairy dust from the teeny tiny fairy with the green outfit on. So we have a theme of green worn by Peter Pan and Tinkerbelle (I’m aware this may be stretching too far but it fits with some things I found out later on) and you just need to ‘think happy thoughts = think the right way’ both in your head and in your heart (paraphrase from the movie) = the feeling they gave me to copy when they wanted me to ‘think the right way to fly’.

Now the other thing about Peter Pan is that he never grows up. There is a thing with certain abductees where they look younger than their biological age. At 44 I still look like I’m in my 20’s (although I have some grey hair here and there). I have also been a very late bloomer in almost every aspect of my life. In fact I still play video games.

Now either the ‘aliens’ just happened to pick a Disney themed game for me to play or this is some coincidence. Or perhaps the movie Peter Pan was made explicitly with this theme to reinforce the game they had me play. Who knows but given the amount of other evidence in Mind Control and Alien Programming (called Green Star Programming in some circles), the evidence points to certain triggers and themes in mainstream movies being used to reinforce the covert mind control/experiments of aliens or supposed aliens. There are cases of mind control subjects coming out and saying that as part of their programming, The Wizard of Oz and other stories are used to reinforce the programming and commands they are given. Themes like alternate worlds are used to reinforce alternate personalities and themes like ‘follow the yellow brick road’ reinforce commands to follow the handlers directions with gleeful ignorance.

I will add more later but if you just look at Disney and all of the subliminals they have found in their movies throughout the years, then you walk away pretty convinced as to the rest of this stuff.

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