That Shit Don’t Change with Geography Son!

So after the whole going through the ceiling thing, I started to wake up in the middle of the night, paralyzed, laying on some operating table (I don’t remember any operation but the lights above were exactly the same as used in on an operating table), with any number of brown scaled aliens (or humanoids, or genetically modified chimeras, or humans posing as aliens, or who knows), looking down at me. I could never talk or move my head or body and I was always extremely frightened.

Sometimes there would be only one alien and sometimes there would be a group. Whenever there was a group it seemed like they were having a study group, just like new interns would come over to look at my chart and discuss me with the leading physician. The thing was, every time they figured out I was awake one would come over to my head next to my temple and stare at me until I blacked out. As a teeny tiny child this whole thing frightened me. Not only cause I was a baby but I knew I was awake and on a gut level I knew whatever was going on wasn’t right.

I know a lot of abductees will recall having procedures done but to this day I don’t recall anything like that other than an odd feeling around puberty when I masturbated the first time and I had a feeling it wasn’t the first time I had ejaculated fully. I’m not talking about a wet dream but at some point prior to me first doing what all boys do, I had my semen extracted. Other than that, I have no conscious awareness of any surgeries, physical implants, or strange scars. I do have 3 dots that are the same color as my hair, on my scalp which look like moles but are strangely symmetrical and were only discovered once I shaved my head. I’ll come back to this later but I suspect that this is a big Programming Trigger cause it was used in Sarah Connor ‘The Terminator’ series. I have also seen it in other movies. The point is, if they aren’t moles…someone put them there as a tag, or brand, or as a trigger for me to find later. Who the fuck knows.

Back to the next event…So, my Dad had gotten a job in Wisconsin and we were going to move there in a week. I remember just being so excited not only to move but I was thinking to myself that ‘They’ wouldn’t be able to find me then. I didn’t know who ‘They’ were (and still don’t) but the whole thing disturbed me enough to be happy to finally be rid of them. No remember at this point I wasn’t even in kindergarten yet so I was probably still only 4 years old. We drove there in my parents van (we would actually drive back and forth to Michigan many times to see my grandparents so I remember the ride well), and I remember looking out the window at the stars thinking that ‘They’ can’t find me now. Of course now that I know about how psychic abilities really work, that thought is laughable.

Well, we arrived in a place called Germantown Wisconsin in a house in a suburb. I remember being disappointed that our new house was so small compared to our last one but the community was full of kids and in no time it ended up being of my favorite places to be in my childhood.

I’m not sure how long we were there before things started to ‘happen’ again but I do remember the specific night when it did start.

We had some neighbors which my family became close to and they came over to have dinner. We were all in the kitchen when Ms. Bombgarten (really, really, close to her real name…Bomb the Garden? Which Garden…the First? Their Linguistics are everywhere) said she had made a dish to bring but had left it on her counter in her kitchen. My sister volunteered to go get it since it was just right next door (you could see their house from our window and was prob 30 yards away at the most).

Well about 1 minute after my sister left, she came running back into the house frightened and crying. She said verbatim ‘There was a UFO following me. It didn’t make any sound but was right over me and when I moved it moved’.

My heart sank. I had never seen a UFO in any of my experiences and not sure where I would have learned about one. This was in the mid to late 70’s and I think Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Star Wars had been out so it was a known subject at that point. For some reason I just knew it was ‘Them’ and I remember thinking…Shit ‘They’ found me. I literally remember thinking ‘Shit’. I was probably 6.

My parents of course shrugged it off as a child’s imagination. My sister was prob 8 or 9 at that time. I just remained silent as I felt my new world just came crashing down.

That night I just knew something was going to happen so I crawled in bed and immediately pulled my Bionic Man (cheap-ass blanket that scratched me) blanket over my head and forced myself to sleep. Well, what was different about this night was that I would wake up at different times and there was this green laser-like dot that was on my ceiling. When I first saw it, I could barely see it. (If you are a NIN fan then you might recall the lyric where he says Just then a tiny little dot caught my eye. It was just about too small to see. But I watched it way too long. It was pulling me down.)

Well, this dot was most likely going to pull me up, through the ceiling.

Like I said I woke up at different times and each time I woke up the dot would be a little bigger. There was no sound and I barely noticed it but at some point, when I did notice that it was there (when it shouldn’t be), it started making a pattern. I don’t want to say it was making a Magick Circle but the patterning seemed to be similar. Was it a portal? I don’t know, but by the time it was fully formed I completely shut down with fear and rolled over on my side so I couldn’t look at it. I don’t know how long I laid there but at some point I felt someone touch my spine and then my whole body started tingling.

After that I don’t remember anything and then it was morning. Just as before, once I left my room, the events left my memory.

Years later, I was training under a military hand-to-hand specialist and he was a mentor for me at the time. I was going through some personal changes and told him that I was going to move back to Michigan (I was in California at the time) to get a fresh start. I remember telling him about my problems with my girlfriend, my job, and just my everyday life.

After listening to me go on and on about how I needed a fresh start, he just looked at me and said, ‘That Shit Don’t Change with Geography Son’, and walked off.

Ain’t that the truth!