On to the next episode. As far as things happening at night in Wisconsin I only remember the dot on the ceiling happening a few times but I don’t have any recollection as to what happened after. There were some strange things happening in the school I was at. I believe the name of the school was Rockfield Elementary but I could be wrong.

Anyway, there was a period in the winter during first grade where I started to break out into hives after lunch. It was weird as I never had anything happen like it since. My face and hands would break out in these read oval shaped spots for about an hour and then it would go away. This would happen everyday for like a week and only after lunch. The teachers kept me in the cafeteria while everyone got to go outside to play for recess. It was obvious that I was allergic to something I was eating.

Now this isn’t too strange as kids often are allergic to foods for a period when they are younger and then it goes away. Well, what was strange to me was that on about the third day a man came in whom I had never seen before. The teachers said something to him about me as they had me in the cafeteria alone again. He never said anything to me but he looked and me and nodded his head as he talked to the teachers and possibly the nurse. Still not too strange but I had no idea who the man was and it didn’t seem like he worked there.

Now, either on this day or the following day we figured out that I was ‘allergic’ to the chocolate milk that we were getting at lunch. We switched the milk to regular milk and no problem. I’m not sure who figured it out but once I made the switch I was free to go play with the rest of the kids like normal. Now I’m not sure how after this next part occurred but it seemed to be within a week or so.

I got to school and was instructed to stand in a line with some other kids. I remember that most of the kids were older and that no one knew what was going on. We were all standing there waiting to go into one of the rooms one at a time. No one told us anything.Soon it was my turn.

I walked in and there was a table with two nurses and the man sitting behind one of the long fold out tables. One of the nurses gently pushed me over to the man who then proceeded to grab one of my hands while giving me a very mean look. He then took a clear slide from one of the nurses and extended one of my fingers. I remember the look of the slide very well and have been unable to find it. It was a clear slide to be used under a microscope only it had an angle piece of clear glass going at about a 45 degree with a small needle in the center. Usually they prick your finger and then use a slide to press the blood onto but this was one contained unit. Anyway, he pricked my finger and it hurt like hell. I didn’t dare cry or say a word due to the menacing look on his face. He then pushed my hand back into me and pointed at the door for me to get out.

No one ever said a word to me before, during, or after. It was traumatizing the way they did it. I was only 6 years old. Anyway, this whole thing might be a coincidence as I do know that some schools have screened kids for lead in their blood. My mother doesn’t ever remember giving them permission to take my blood at school and the only reason I am writing about it here is that the man was the same one who came to look at me in the cafeteria and then he was the same one who took my blood. Was he a visiting doctor? He wasn’t a nurse, I knew who the school nurse was. Why didn’t they say anything and why was he so menacing? Usually you would think one of the nurses or teachers or even this dude if he was a doctor would try to comfort the kids instead of scaring them half to death and then never saying anything about it.

Now this is pure conjecture on my part but if you look at the timing of everything and what was happening there might have been something else going on. I was supposedly having interactions with unknown entities in my room at night. My sister had seen a UFO. I had some weird reaction to the milk that would wear off quickly and then my blood was taken at school (with a blood screening slide I have yet to find the design of but which seemed different and slightly more advanced/expensive then just using normal blood slides and separate needle).

blood device
Similar but not quite

My thought years later had always been that there was some type of marker placed in the milk and that when I reacted with the short lived hives this guy was called. It took him a few days to get there and once he looked at me suddenly he told them it was the milk and to switch it to regular. The school might have had a message to call this regional doctor/CDC guy in case any student came up with similar symptoms. They called, he came out and diagnosed me just by looking at me from across the room. In reality they may have put some type of marker (perhaps genetic) in the milk to identify abductees who were being subjected to some type of experiments or genetic alterations.

Of course I think that might be thin due to the fact that I may have never drank the chocolate milk and only drank the regular. But who knows. Regardless, in case it is related I wanted to get it down here. Perhaps someone else has had similar experiences. I would be curious to know if anyone out there actually had their blood taken in a similar way when they were in elementary school. I wonder how many screenings actually happened back then for whatever. It never happened again and my sister doesn’t remember it happening and she was in the same school.

Let me know what you think.