What was I saying?

Ever woken up when you were younger (or maybe in someone's bed) and you didn't want to let the people around you know you were awake. You kinda open your eyes just enough to see but the person looking at you can't tell that you are awake. Well keep this in mind as I tell this next part. 

It was sometime in the middle of the night shortly after my previous episode. I was lying in bed and I felt something touching my feet. Now this frightened me a bit because at first I didn't notice it too much but as I started becoming more awake someone was definitely there and I knew it wasn't my parents. So, I opened my eyes just a little and what did I see?

Small Green Alien


A green glowing alien that's what. Remember I was only 4 and this frightened me terribly. This alien was glowing florescent green just like those camping glow sticks. He couldn't have been much bigger than me at that age so I would guess 3-4 feet tall. He was bent over and doing something with my feet. I would say it was like energy work. He was holding his hands over my feet just barely touching them every now and then. He looked like he was concentrating intently on what he was doing and he moved his hands slowly from my feet to my shins working his way up slowly until he got to my chest. 

To be honest I'm not sure how long this took but it seemed like several minutes. When he got up to my chest he looked up at my face. When he did he slowly picked up my shirt and put has hand on my chest to check my heartbeat. The moment he did I sat straight up in bed and screamed out for my mom. I yelled 'Mom mom' at the top of my lungs but my voice box wasn't working and all I could manage was a strained whisper of 'Mooom Mooom'. 

Well the thing must not have known I was awake because he jumped back startled. Now he was obviously prepared for this not only because of how he looked at my face and how he very carefully lifted up my shirt as if he was going to change a sleeping baby's clothes and didn't want to wake them, but because he composed himself immediately and quickly jumped back and touched me on my forehead right where my third eye is. Everything went black and in what seemed like the very next second, I opened my eyes and it was morning with my room completely lit by the sun.

I ran downstairs to tell my mom what had happened. I yelled at her all on the way down the stairs that I had to tell her something but the moment my foot touched the bottom stair, I immediately forgot the entire thing. My mom came out of her room to see what I wanted to tell her and I just stared at her with a blank look on my face. She stood there for a minute then went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Now the weird thing is as she got a certain distance away I immediately remembered what happened and what I was going to tell her but every time I got withing talking distance I couldn't for the life of me remember what it was. 

Now at this point I'm going to start interjecting some information that might shed some light and maybe even create more questions about what was happening to me. They may be related or they may just be coincidence. First, it is very easy to give some people a post hypnotic suggestion to forget certain things. Just go to any hypnosis show in Las Vegas and you'll see what I mean. The trigger can be anything. A word, a song, an object, a person or...a stair. So conditional amnesia is something that the brain can do. Was this the mechanism at play? I don't know but it sort of fits the bill. Other suggestions like not being able to talk can also be given.

Now this whole thing was a very, very vivid memory from my childhood. It's not something I dreamed. I was 100% awake and the episode lasted several minutes. Surely, if it was a dream I would have been able to tell my mom. Sure we forget dreams all the time but when do we remember them only when a people are far enough away to where I can't tell them and then the dream disappears until they get back close again? I had always had this memory but just put it off in the back of my mind along with all the other weird things that happened later on because I never had a frame of reference for them. There were no movies or books with that kind of information and it wasn't a subject many people were even familiar with back then. But years and years later when Whitley Streiber came out with his book 'Communion' the cover immediately struck out at me as it did thousands of other people. This was really the first time that people saw what some of these things look like and for sure that photo did. But that photo wasn't really my point.

Communion Alien


My point in bringing up the 'Communion' book is because when I picked that book up to read it there was a testimonial in there of a guy in the Air Force who had experiences since he was a kid and he described the exact scenario I described where a Green Glowing alien sat on his bed and put his hand under his shirt to check his heartbeat. Now once I read that I went holy shit. But of course as we go deeper down the rabbit hole we can see that there is definitely some type 'program' where the same protocols are being followed by the 'beings' in them or people are being run through the same scenario (either real or perhaps even through a virtual reality movie). This seeds credibility to the event among the experiencers.  

Now the other thing that is coincidental is that certain animals have been genetically modified to 'Glow Green' in the dark. Pigs, cats, rats...monkeys.  Interesting that scientists would pick that idea up and run with it isn't it.  


The Truth IS Much Stranger Than Fiction...


Alien Splicing