It’s Okay. She Said It’s Okay, Okay?

So where to next? Ah yes, let’s play a little game. My sister and I slept upstairs in separate rooms. We both had no doors on our rooms so my parents could hear us in case we cried out in the middle of the night (that is in those instances where our voice boxes worked). Anyway…one night I was woken by my sister standing in the hallway just outside my door. She was standing in a pink-purplish strobe-light like light. She calls out to me. Get up, it’s time to play. I woke up and kinda felt excited because I always wanted her to play with me and she never would. 

So I walk out into this light and my sister walks in front of me. I think someone is in front of her but I can’t tell. We proceed to go out onto this little landing at the top of our stairs. We had a huge living room with super tall ceilings. Anyway, this voice talks to us. It’s a male voice and it seems as if it is coming from the ceiling. Now this voice tells us to jump off the landing. We could fit through the bars so I think my sister went first. She went off and then proceeded to float through the air in a circle around the living room and ended up at the other end of the landing. She was laughing the whole time. Now it was my turn.

I wasn’t afraid ever during this whole thing and was pretty excited after seeing my sister fly. Mind you we are in this pinkish purple flashing light the entire time. So I step out and I kind of fall but before I get to the ground I just float there. The voice tells me if I think the ‘right way’ then I will be able to fly. Now when it said the ‘right way’ I also got a feeling in my body and a command in my head to match it. This was a nonverbal command but I understood how to do it immediately. So I started to match it and when I did I would fly. Every time my concentration would falter I would start to fall. It was fun because every time I would fall I would lose my stomach like I was on a ride. I laughed and laughed and then landed on the landing and got back in line behind my sister.

Astral Projection BeddingCabin

We ended up doing this quite a few times and then went back to bed. The next day I asked my sister if we were going to play again tonight and she looked at me and said what are you talking about? I didn’t play with you last night and I’m not gonna tonight. My sister was 2 years older than me and since we lived in the country she was the only playmate I really had. I remember being so mad and hurt because she always teased like she was going to play with me and then she wouldn’t. Now she actually played with me and denied it.

Anyway the next night my sister was at my door again and we repeated the ‘game’. The next day I didn’t even mention it and just secretly hoped she would keep playing with me. I’m not sure how many nights we played that game but after some time I remember that the light would show up at my hallway and the voice would say it was time to play. My sister was no longer there (she was in her room). I didn’t really ask whether she was gonna play for some reason and so I went to play by myself. Now I’m not sure how many times I played by myself. It was either on this first time by myself or I had done it several nights by myself.

So either on this first time or after a couple times I’m not sure…I went out off of the landing and started to fly only this time instead of going back to the landing I went straight up right into the ceiling! Everything went black and I immediately got scared. I called out for my mommy. I said mommy, mommy, I want my mommy! The voice said, ‘It’s okay, it’s okay, she said it’s okay.’ And then brought my down through the ceiling so I could look at my mom on the bed and when I say her the voice continued, ‘see it’s okay, she said it’s okay, okay?’ I responded with an ‘okay, okay’ and then everything went black again as I was taken back up through the ceiling.

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Now the next thing I know I’m lying on a table and there are several beings looking at me. They had black eyes and brown scaly skin. It was like they had rectangular bumps around their eyes and scales. Similar to the greys but like I said, brown with scaly type skin. A light was shining down on me and they were looking down at me standing around me in a circle. I’m not sure how many were there. The outside of my vision was blurry and I couldn’t move. I was really scared and one came over towards my head and then I blacked out again. The next thing I knew it was morning and I was back in my bed in my room.

I just remember having a sick feeling about the ‘game’ and wasn’t sure what was happening. I had no frame of reference for these experiences and I was just a 4 year old. I know it’s crazy to even remember anything from 4 years old but I know this was how old I was. Years later I asked my mother if there was ever a time that my Dad wasn’t around because he was not on the bed when they brought me through the ceiling to look at my Mom. She said that yes, when I was 4 he had taken a job in a neighboring state and that he worked there for several months before we did. He was looking for a house and we needed to sell our house. So there was about six months where he was gone during the week.

Now, I want to stop and share a few of my insights and then I will get into some other things that happened to me around this time in the next part.

First, it seems to me that my sister was used to get me to feel comfortable in the beginning with going out into the light to play the game. Although she had been in a few experiences she was never the focus and remembers very little about these events. Seeing my sister in that light took any fears I might have had. I was excited to play with her.

Second, I never saw someone else there with us although I had a sense that maybe one of the small beings was walking in front of her that first night but I can’t be sure.

Third, the voice was a male voice and I’m not sure if it came from the ceiling or beamed into our heads as occasionally we would get nonverbals (feelings and visuals) along with the verbal instructions. After knowing what I know now, the voice used a very hypnotic linguistic pattern (look up Eriksonian Hypnosis). The way it said It’s okay, It’s okay, Your Mommy said It’s Okay. Repeating okay three times then saying she’s okay, she said it’s okay…okay? Is embedding a command in way with an open ended loop to respond with okay. This is high level shit but something a well trained hypnotist can do. I’m not saying it was humans as there’s obviously a shit ton of stuff that seems beyond what we know people can do even with technology but I’m pretty sure we’ve had super advanced shit for a long time. At least someone has.

Anyway…the light. I have no idea (if it was physical), where the source came from. It was everywhere but then again if you’ve ever been in a room with a strobe light you know it can light up the entire place. The difference though is that there was a constant pinkish-purplish light along with the flashing affect. It wasn’t just a light going on and off. So the flickering is very similar to a mind machine (a light and sound machine), where you place goggles over your eyes and headphones and then the lights flicker at specific rates to entrain your brain to certain frequencies. I believe this is what was going on.

Darpa Mind Control

Now as far as the flying, syncing the flying with a specific brainwave pattern, and then flying through the ceiling seems a bit of a stretch for people. I will say that many people who have astral projected claim that the astral plane has a pinkish purplish hue and that you can fly by using your mind in your astral body which looks just like your body. Not everyone agrees as some people don’t see their astral body or they see only parts of their astral body. I can only say that I have gotten out of my body on one occasion by using concentration and meditation and it took a long long time to do. Whatever I did it was different than this but I do know from that experience that our consciousness can exist outside of our actual bodies. The astral plane is said to exist right with this one so you can be in it and people won’t see you. This would explain being able to go through the ceiling, flying, and the pink-purple color.

Anyway, this is all food for thought. I will go into some other things that happened to me around this time in the next part as there is a big tie-in with Disney. Soooo…if it is aliens AND there is some shit coinciding with the shit we see on a movie screen, I will say we are all in deep shit. Whether it’s humans or not or both. Get your big boy pants on cause we ain’t in Kansas anymore…