This page is dedicated to my personal lifelong experiences with aliens and other supernatural experiences. I have had a multitude of strange occurrences throughout my life and I am writing so hopefully it might validate some things that have happened to others. These things occur to many many everyday normal people. Don’t sweep them under the rug but don’t let them ruin your life. I have done both and I hope that through sharing these stories you will find some solace that you are not alone (ha…no pun intended).

What’s with the name Bedding Cabin? Well, it’s sort of a metaphor that has multiple meanings. When you think of a cabin you generally think of it as being in some secluded forest away from civilization. Well on one level many supernatural things are associated with happening at cabins out in the woods. It sort of in our psyche and in truth, many strange things actually do happen at cabins in the woods. The bedding is really that thing that kids hide under to keep them safe from all the bumps in the night. So imagine sleeping in a cabin in the woods and you hear a scary nose. Would you pull the ‘wool’ blanket over your eyes and hope it goes away. How safe are you in your isolated cabin and what type of bedding do you use to help you feel ‘safe’.

The irony is that not only have I personally had experiences in isolated cabins out in the woods but also as a child I would hide under the blankets hoping that ‘whatever’ was in the room wouldn’t find me. So on many levels the name is symbolic. If you would like to go further and look at the cabin as the thing you’ve carefully built over the years to protect you from the scary and harsh world outside then the bedding would be the thing that helps you to feel comfortable in the dark inside that thing you so tenaciously built log by log.

But seriously…how safe are you really in a cabin out in the woods all by yourself?



P.S. To any government hacks. I know that you know who I am and I have probably have no animosity towards you personally but I do think that you fall into one of several categories. You are either compartmentalized and ignorant because you believe what your superiors have told you. You are aware but go along just to get along cause you’re too afraid to rock the boat. You are mind controlled and don’t really have a say. Or you are in the know and agree with what is going on. In any case, grow a set of balls. That is all.