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A Personal Account of Aliens, God, and Government

Nice Linguistics Aliens. Oh and Nice Movie Disney…Part 2

Ahhh Disney. What a fantastic company that has helped entertain so many of us in our youth and of course since they’ve acquired Star Wars they can now continue to entertain us for the rest of our lives. Now my intention in this discourse is not to be too much of a conspiracy theorist but I’ve got to be honest, the more I look at some of the more obscure connections between certain corporations, the intelligence agencies, the shadow government, and the entertainment industry, the more it seems pretty plausible that elements of each are set up to promote a much larger program.

Years ago I had a friend who lived and worked in Waco during the infamous Waco siege. He worked at a local company ( with some of the people who lived in the compound and when that whole thing went down he said he couldn’t believe how not only did the local media play along with painting these people as crazy but also how they actually had people undercover in town afterwards to act as locals to plant stories about how nuts Koresh was.

He had actually been to the compound before and had nothing but the nicest things to say about the people there. If you haven’t seen the documentary on what they did to those people then do yourself a favor and go watch it. It will make your stomach churn.

My point about bringing the whole Waco thing up is that the government straight up murdered those people on live TV and then used propaganda both before and after to cover it up and to create a story. My feeling is that this is the reason that media and entertainment exists. It’s sole purpose is to get us used to not only taking whatever is posted on the tube as Truth but to constantly bombard us with fantasy so we lose our own critical factor. But what happened in Waco is just the tip of a very large iceberg.  (more…)

Nice Linguistics Aliens. Oh and Nice Movie Disney PART 1

It’s Okay. She Said It’s Okay, Okay? So where to next? Ah yes, let’s play a little game. My sister and I slept upstairs in separate rooms. We both had no doors on our rooms so my parents could hear us in case we cried out in the middle of the night (that is in those instances where our voice boxes worked). Anyway…one night I was woken by my sister standing in the hallway just outside my door. She was standing in a pink-purplish strobe-light like light. She calls out to me. Get up, it’s time to play. I woke up and kinda felt excited because I always wanted her to play with me and she never would.  So I walk out into this light and my sister walks in front of me. I think someone is in front of her but I can’t tell. We proceed to go out.. Read More

As the Green Glows

What was I saying? Ever woken up when you were younger (or maybe in someone’s bed) and you didn’t want to let the people around you know you were awake. You kinda open your eyes just enough to see but the person looking at you can’t tell that you are awake. Well keep this in mind as I tell this next part.  It was sometime in the middle of the night shortly after my previous episode. I was lying in bed and I felt something touching my feet. Now this frightened me a bit because at first I didn’t notice it too much but as I started becoming more awake someone was definitely there and I knew it wasn’t my parents. So, I opened my eyes just a little and what did I see?   A green glowing alien that’s what. Remember I was only 4 and this frightened me.. Read More

Once Upon a Time

Everything was Created for YOU… Once upon a time there was a boy who was very different from the rest. The stories that you are going to read are 100% True and are from his perspective. Some of the conclusions reached are obviously based on this person’s understanding of the events and may or may not be accurate. Nonetheless the explanation of how things transpired the way they did is as detailed as can be. In some instances where an accurate description of what was happening will be prefaced with the fact that the author is speculating as to what is happening. In this way we hope to give the reader a better understanding of the events that have transpired as well as to hopefully have someone who perhaps has the other pieces of the puzzle. Let’s get on with the story. This story started in the early 1970’s in.. Read More