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A Personal Account of Aliens, God, and Government

Genetic Markers, Blood Samples, and First Grade

On to the next episode. As far as things happening at night in Wisconsin I only remember the dot on the ceiling happening a few times but I don’t have any recollection as to what happened after. There were some strange things happening in the school I was at. I believe the name of the school was Rockfield Elementary but I could be wrong.

Anyway, there was a period in the winter during first grade where I started to break out into hives after lunch. It was weird as I never had anything happen like it since. My face and hands would break out in these read oval shaped spots for about an hour and then it would go away. This would happen everyday for like a week and only after lunch. The teachers kept me in the cafeteria while everyone got to go outside to play for recess. It was obvious that I was allergic to something I was eating.

Now this isn’t too strange as kids often are allergic to foods for a period when they are younger and then it goes away. Well, what was strange to me was that on about the third day a man came in whom I had never seen before. The teachers said something to him about me as they had me in the cafeteria alone again. He never said anything to me but he looked and me and nodded his head as he talked to the teachers and possibly the nurse. Still not too strange but I had no idea who the man was and it didn’t seem like he worked there.

Now, either on this day or the following day we figured out that I was ‘allergic’ to the chocolate milk that we were getting at lunch. We switched the milk to regular milk and no problem. I’m not sure who figured it out but once I made the switch I was free to go play with the rest of the kids like normal. Now I’m not sure how after this next part occurred but it seemed to be within a week or so.

I got to school and was instructed to stand in a line with some other kids. I remember that most of the kids were older and that no one knew what was going on. We were all standing there waiting to go into one of the rooms one at a time. No one told us anything.Soon it was my turn.

I walked in and there was a table with two nurses and the man sitting behind one of the long fold out tables. One of the nurses gently pushed me over to the man who then proceeded to grab one of my hands while giving me a very mean look. He then took a clear slide from one of the nurses and extended one of my fingers. I remember the look of the slide very well and have been unable to find it. It was a clear slide to be used under a microscope only it had an angle piece of clear glass going at about a 45 degree with a small needle in the center. Usually they prick your finger and then use a slide to press the blood onto but this was one contained unit. Anyway, he pricked my finger and it hurt like hell. I didn’t dare cry or say a word due to the menacing look on his face. He then pushed my hand back into me and pointed at the door for me to get out.

No one ever said a word to me before, during, or after. It was traumatizing the way they did it. I was only 6 years old. Anyway, this whole thing might be a coincidence as I do know that some schools have screened kids for lead in their blood. My mother doesn’t ever remember giving them permission to take my blood at school and the only reason I am writing about it here is that the man was the same one who came to look at me in the cafeteria and then he was the same one who took my blood. Was he a visiting doctor? He wasn’t a nurse, I knew who the school nurse was. Why didn’t they say anything and why was he so menacing? Usually you would think one of the nurses or teachers or even this dude if he was a doctor would try to comfort the kids instead of scaring them half to death and then never saying anything about it.

Now this is pure conjecture on my part but if you look at the timing of everything and what was happening there might have been something else going on. I was supposedly having interactions with unknown entities in my room at night. My sister had seen a UFO. I had some weird reaction to the milk that would wear off quickly and then my blood was taken at school (with a blood screening slide I have yet to find the design of but which seemed different and slightly more advanced/expensive then just using normal blood slides and separate needle).

blood device
Similar but not quite

My thought years later had always been that there was some type of marker placed in the milk and that when I reacted with the short lived hives this guy was called. It took him a few days to get there and once he looked at me suddenly he told them it was the milk and to switch it to regular. The school might have had a message to call this regional doctor/CDC guy in case any student came up with similar symptoms. They called, he came out and diagnosed me just by looking at me from across the room. In reality they may have put some type of marker (perhaps genetic) in the milk to identify abductees who were being subjected to some type of experiments or genetic alterations.

Of course I think that might be thin due to the fact that I may have never drank the chocolate milk and only drank the regular. But who knows. Regardless, in case it is related I wanted to get it down here. Perhaps someone else has had similar experiences. I would be curious to know if anyone out there actually had their blood taken in a similar way when they were in elementary school. I wonder how many screenings actually happened back then for whatever. It never happened again and my sister doesn’t remember it happening and she was in the same school.

Let me know what you think.

Hurray THEY Won’t Find Me at My New Home!

That Shit Don’t Change with Geography Son!

So after the whole going through the ceiling thing, I started to wake up in the middle of the night, paralyzed, laying on some operating table (I don’t remember any operation but the lights above were exactly the same as used in on an operating table), with any number of brown scaled aliens (or humanoids, or genetically modified chimeras, or humans posing as aliens, or who knows), looking down at me. I could never talk or move my head or body and I was always extremely frightened.

Sometimes there would be only one alien and sometimes there would be a group. Whenever there was a group it seemed like they were having a study group, just like new interns would come over to look at my chart and discuss me with the leading physician. The thing was, every time they figured out I was awake one would come over to my head next to my temple and stare at me until I blacked out. As a teeny tiny child this whole thing frightened me. Not only cause I was a baby but I knew I was awake and on a gut level I knew whatever was going on wasn’t right.

I know a lot of abductees will recall having procedures done but to this day I don’t recall anything like that other than an odd feeling around puberty when I masturbated the first time and I had a feeling it wasn’t the first time I had ejaculated fully. I’m not talking about a wet dream but at some point prior to me first doing what all boys do, I had my semen extracted. Other than that, I have no conscious awareness of any surgeries, physical implants, or strange scars. I do have 3 dots that are the same color as my hair, on my scalp which look like moles but are strangely symmetrical and were only discovered once I shaved my head. I’ll come back to this later but I suspect that this is a big Programming Trigger cause it was used in Sarah Connor ‘The Terminator’ series. I have also seen it in other movies. The point is, if they aren’t moles…someone put them there as a tag, or brand, or as a trigger for me to find later. Who the fuck knows.

Back to the next event…So, my Dad had gotten a job in Wisconsin and we were going to move there in a week. I remember just being so excited not only to move but I was thinking to myself that ‘They’ wouldn’t be able to find me then. I didn’t know who ‘They’ were (and still don’t) but the whole thing disturbed me enough to be happy to finally be rid of them. No remember at this point I wasn’t even in kindergarten yet so I was probably still only 4 years old. We drove there in my parents van (we would actually drive back and forth to Michigan many times to see my grandparents so I remember the ride well), and I remember looking out the window at the stars thinking that ‘They’ can’t find me now. Of course now that I know about how psychic abilities really work, that thought is laughable.

Well, we arrived in a place called Germantown Wisconsin in a house in a suburb. I remember being disappointed that our new house was so small compared to our last one but the community was full of kids and in no time it ended up being of my favorite places to be in my childhood.

I’m not sure how long we were there before things started to ‘happen’ again but I do remember the specific night when it did start.

We had some neighbors which my family became close to and they came over to have dinner. We were all in the kitchen when Ms. Bombgarten (really, really, close to her real name…Bomb the Garden? Which Garden…the First? Their Linguistics are everywhere) said she had made a dish to bring but had left it on her counter in her kitchen. My sister volunteered to go get it since it was just right next door (you could see their house from our window and was prob 30 yards away at the most).

Well about 1 minute after my sister left, she came running back into the house frightened and crying. She said verbatim ‘There was a UFO following me. It didn’t make any sound but was right over me and when I moved it moved’.

My heart sank. I had never seen a UFO in any of my experiences and not sure where I would have learned about one. This was in the mid to late 70’s and I think Close Encounters of the Third Kind and Star Wars had been out so it was a known subject at that point. For some reason I just knew it was ‘Them’ and I remember thinking…Shit ‘They’ found me. I literally remember thinking ‘Shit’. I was probably 6.

My parents of course shrugged it off as a child’s imagination. My sister was prob 8 or 9 at that time. I just remained silent as I felt my new world just came crashing down.

That night I just knew something was going to happen so I crawled in bed and immediately pulled my Bionic Man (cheap-ass blanket that scratched me) blanket over my head and forced myself to sleep. Well, what was different about this night was that I would wake up at different times and there was this green laser-like dot that was on my ceiling. When I first saw it, I could barely see it. (If you are a NIN fan then you might recall the lyric where he says Just then a tiny little dot caught my eye. It was just about too small to see. But I watched it way too long. It was pulling me down.)

Well, this dot was most likely going to pull me up, through the ceiling.

Like I said I woke up at different times and each time I woke up the dot would be a little bigger. There was no sound and I barely noticed it but at some point, when I did notice that it was there (when it shouldn’t be), it started making a pattern. I don’t want to say it was making a Magick Circle but the patterning seemed to be similar. Was it a portal? I don’t know, but by the time it was fully formed I completely shut down with fear and rolled over on my side so I couldn’t look at it. I don’t know how long I laid there but at some point I felt someone touch my spine and then my whole body started tingling.

After that I don’t remember anything and then it was morning. Just as before, once I left my room, the events left my memory.

Years later, I was training under a military hand-to-hand specialist and he was a mentor for me at the time. I was going through some personal changes and told him that I was going to move back to Michigan (I was in California at the time) to get a fresh start. I remember telling him about my problems with my girlfriend, my job, and just my everyday life.

After listening to me go on and on about how I needed a fresh start, he just looked at me and said, ‘That Shit Don’t Change with Geography Son’, and walked off.

Ain’t that the truth!



Nice Linguistics Aliens. Oh and Nice Movie Disney…Part 2

Ahhh Disney. What a fantastic company that has helped entertain so many of us in our youth and of course since they’ve acquired Star Wars they can now continue to entertain us for the rest of our lives. Now my intention in this discourse is not to be too much of a conspiracy theorist but I’ve got to be honest, the more I look at some of the more obscure connections between certain corporations, the intelligence agencies, the shadow government, and the entertainment industry, the more it seems pretty plausible that elements of each are set up to promote a much larger program.

Years ago I had a friend who lived and worked in Waco during the infamous Waco siege. He worked at a local company ( with some of the people who lived in the compound and when that whole thing went down he said he couldn’t believe how not only did the local media play along with painting these people as crazy but also how they actually had people undercover in town afterwards to act as locals to plant stories about how nuts Koresh was.

He had actually been to the compound before and had nothing but the nicest things to say about the people there. If you haven’t seen the documentary on what they did to those people then do yourself a favor and go watch it. It will make your stomach churn.

My point about bringing the whole Waco thing up is that the government straight up murdered those people on live TV and then used propaganda both before and after to cover it up and to create a story. My feeling is that this is the reason that media and entertainment exists. It’s sole purpose is to get us used to not only taking whatever is posted on the tube as Truth but to constantly bombard us with fantasy so we lose our own critical factor. But what happened in Waco is just the tip of a very large iceberg.  (more…)

Nice Linguistics Aliens. Oh and Nice Movie Disney PART 1

It’s Okay. She Said It’s Okay, Okay?

So where to next? Ah yes, let’s play a little game. My sister and I slept upstairs in separate rooms. We both had no doors on our rooms so my parents could hear us in case we cried out in the middle of the night (that is in those instances where our voice boxes worked). Anyway…one night I was woken by my sister standing in the hallway just outside my door. She was standing in a pink-purplish strobe-light like light. She calls out to me. Get up, it’s time to play. I woke up and kinda felt excited because I always wanted her to play with me and she never would. 

So I walk out into this light and my sister walks in front of me. I think someone is in front of her but I can’t tell. We proceed to go out onto this little landing at the top of our stairs. We had a huge living room with super tall ceilings. Anyway, this voice talks to us. It’s a male voice and it seems as if it is coming from the ceiling. Now this voice tells us to jump off the landing. We could fit through the bars so I think my sister went first. She went off and then proceeded to float through the air in a circle around the living room and ended up at the other end of the landing. She was laughing the whole time. Now it was my turn.

I wasn’t afraid ever during this whole thing and was pretty excited after seeing my sister fly. Mind you we are in this pinkish purple flashing light the entire time. So I step out and I kind of fall but before I get to the ground I just float there. The voice tells me if I think the ‘right way’ then I will be able to fly. Now when it said the ‘right way’ I also got a feeling in my body and a command in my head to match it. This was a nonverbal command but I understood how to do it immediately. So I started to match it and when I did I would fly. Every time my concentration would falter I would start to fall. It was fun because every time I would fall I would lose my stomach like I was on a ride. I laughed and laughed and then landed on the landing and got back in line behind my sister.

Astral Projection BeddingCabin

We ended up doing this quite a few times and then went back to bed. The next day I asked my sister if we were going to play again tonight and she looked at me and said what are you talking about? I didn’t play with you last night and I’m not gonna tonight. My sister was 2 years older than me and since we lived in the country she was the only playmate I really had. I remember being so mad and hurt because she always teased like she was going to play with me and then she wouldn’t. Now she actually played with me and denied it. (more…)

As the Green Glows

What was I saying?

Ever woken up when you were younger (or maybe in someone's bed) and you didn't want to let the people around you know you were awake. You kinda open your eyes just enough to see but the person looking at you can't tell that you are awake. Well keep this in mind as I tell this next part. 

It was sometime in the middle of the night shortly after my previous episode. I was lying in bed and I felt something touching my feet. Now this frightened me a bit because at first I didn't notice it too much but as I started becoming more awake someone was definitely there and I knew it wasn't my parents. So, I opened my eyes just a little and what did I see?

Small Green Alien


A green glowing alien that's what. Remember I was only 4 and this frightened me terribly. This alien was glowing florescent green just like those camping glow sticks. He couldn't have been much bigger than me at that age so I would guess 3-4 feet tall. He was bent over and doing something with my feet. I would say it was like energy work. He was holding his hands over my feet just barely touching them every now and then. He looked like he was concentrating intently on what he was doing and he moved his hands slowly from my feet to my shins working his way up slowly until he got to my chest. 

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Once Upon a Time

Everything was Created for YOU...

Once upon a time there was a boy who was very different from the rest. The stories that you are going to read are 100% True and are from his perspective. Some of the conclusions reached are obviously based on this person's understanding of the events and may or may not be accurate. Nonetheless the explanation of how things transpired the way they did is as detailed as can be. In some instances where an accurate description of what was happening will be prefaced with the fact that the author is speculating as to what is happening. In this way we hope to give the reader a better understanding of the events that have transpired as well as to hopefully have someone who perhaps has the other pieces of the puzzle.

Let's get on with the story.

This story started in the early 1970's in a rural part of Michigan, and it is my story. My first experiences started around the age of 4. While some might argue that a four year old would be hard pressed to remember anything, I can assure you that I did. I remember very vividly playing with my toys on the floor and looking around at everything with the thought that the entire world (not just my toys but my reality) was built for me. And when I say world I say it in a very Matrix like way. Everything that I saw, touched, and heard was a construct that someone had put together specifically for me. It was a very profound concept for a 4 year old to have and it's not something that I could have picked up anywhere. This type of thing wasn't on TV back then, there was no internet, and my family certainly didn't talk about such things. This also wasn't the selfish type of thought like a typical kid who says mine, mine, mine has. No this was something different.

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